Water trough and the feed trough for many different purposes and domestic animals​

CN Agro A / S leads feeders and water troughs for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes. And we have feeding troughs and water troughs, which can be used for horses, foals, pigs, cattle, calves, sheep, goats and several other animals.

Frost Free drinker with or without a power connection

We have among other, feeders and water troughs, which are made of plastic or galvanized, for hanging on grids, with or without telescopic legs. We stock feeders in many different lengths, widths and depths. And we have frost-free water trough and drinking cups, which can be supplied with or without a floater and with or without a power connection. A part of our drinkers are from Cosnet where we have models that can accommodate up to 1,000 liters. We also have models from among other La Gee, La Buvette, Paxton, OK Plast and Strangko.

Feeding bowls and automatic feeders

​At the same time we conduct feeding troughs, such as concentrate boxes, feed stores and troughs for the field, and we have galvanized concentrates dispensers, feeders, straw dispenser and combi feeders. We have, for example, also the new food bowls from OK Plast, which gives better hygiene while saving time. It is a simple and effective solution for most. Moreover, we have calf feeders, which is indispensable to supplement feed to increase your calves growth and well-being. You can also find feeders with solve buckets, troughs with feeding holes on, etc.


You will find most feed troughs and water troughs, which we pursue in the left menu, but you can also call us or send an e-mail to inquire about what we have, if you have special requirements that are not here on the side. You are always welcome to contact us on telephone +45 9776 9044 or by e-mail at info@cnagro.dk.