As a mobile or a stationary calfwagon - the complete calf rearing system

​CN Agro A/S manufactures mobile calfboxes, as a complete rearing system and a good alternative to the single huts in plastic. Our focus is both animal welfare and an efficient workflow. For example, there is an opening in every second partition, so that the animals may have contact with each other, which is a regulatory requirement. Also, the inner part of the partition is removable, so the calves can go together in pairs after the first week. The dimensions of the boxes meet the legal requirements.

Reduce the outbreak of diseases and increase growth with calfboxes

​Calfboxes also prevent respiratory diseases and reduce outbreaks of diarrhea, so that you get healthier calves. Medicine consumption is reduced or becomes almost nonexistent. As a result, the mortality rate will be far lower than normal, and the overall effect is a larger and faster growth, having your outdoor calves in calfboxes.

It is easy to move and clean Calf-Express

Calf-Express is available with minimum two boxes and maximum six boxes in a wagon. It has adjustable feet. The small models, up to four boxes, can be delivered with palletfork bracket, and the larger models can be delivered with wheels and tie rod. This means that you easily can move your calfboxes to the mucking- or washing place, or a totally new area. It is also possible to mount an environmental floor, which is prepared for drainpipes. We also deliver forecourts to the Calf-Express.

You are welcome to contact us by phone or send an email to with your questions about Calf-Express. Our phone number is +45 9776 9044. You can also read more about Calf-Express on this page..


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​Calf-wagon (Calf-Express)

No. 137

​The Calf-Express is a complete calf rearing system which can be obtained by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 boxes. The animals' welfare and the effective workflow has been the focal point for the construction of the Calf-Express.

The animals' health and well-being seen among others, at a lower rate of death among calves, less respiratory problems, diarrhea and weakness. Similarly, there has been a greater and faster growth among calves outside and that drug consumption is almost "nonexistent"!

The adjustable feet gives a good working height for all.

The Calf-Express can be mounted with a palletfork bracket on the smaller models, and the larger models can be mounted with wheels and drawbar. This makes it easy to move the huts using tractor/loader, for example to dunghill or washing place.


  • Iron construction with galvanized iron.
  • Waterproof film-coated 12 mm plywood sheets.
  • Roof with iron plates and anti-condensation coating.

Numbers of boxes per hut:

  • 2 - 6 boxes

  • Depth: 1, 65 meter.
  • width: 1,20 meter.
  • Height: 1,35 meter.

  • Height from soil til bottom: 0,30 - 0,50 meter

  • Height from soil to roof:​ 1,70 - max. 2,00 m​ete) (telescopic legs)​​​​​

The practical and tecnical informations about Calf-Express


​The Calf-Express can be both mobile and stationary. They can easily be moved with either a wheelset or a pallet fork bracket, which makes it easy when the huts have to be moved to for example the washing place or a new area.


Mobile Calf-Express:​

The huts can easily be moved using of pallet fork bracket, which are mounted under the bottom of the Calf-Express or by using a wheelset.

Palletfork bracket:

Is used for minor Calf-Express huts - up to 4 boxes.


Is used for a Calf-Express with 5 or 6 boxes.

Stationary Calf-Express:

​It has the same dimensions as the mobile Calf-Express.

Can be delivered with 2, 3, 4, 5 eller 6 bokse.
Weight with 3 boxes: 750 kg

All types and lengths of calf-Express also comes as an export model,
where the parts shall be assembled by the user. (This minimizes transport costs)

Tecnical details:

The boxes are mounted with anti-condensation roof sheets.
​They are each one arranget with two 4 liters bowls (1 for wet and 1 for dry).

Can be delivered with two 6 liters bowls per box.

Additional charge: 60,- DKK per box

Two calves share a hayrack. 

The centerpiece of the door can be demounted.

After Danish law there are built down a grid in half of the wall in the partitions between the boxes, so that the calves have close contact (2 and 2). The partitions can be partly removed, if there are periods of use for more space per animal.

The boxes can also be supplied with environmental floors, that is to say: Steel Base prepared for common drain pipe. At the top of the steel bottom is mounted a perforated plastic sheet, which in addition is an extremely pleasant base for animals.

Environmental floors:​

Stålbund med afløb, til

fælles afløbsrør​.​

​Perforeret plastplade.​

Fælles afløbssystem.​​

Care and Hygiene

The first days the calves can touch each others through the bars in the partition. The inner part of the partition is removable, so that the calves 2 and 2 can be together.

The calves share the hayrack 2 and 2.

The mid part of the grid in the door is removable. That eases the springle-work in the box and the straw-feeding of calves, as it can be done without opening the door.​

It also eases the work, that the partition can be removed, when looking after the calves, or to help them going drinking.​

When the calves are moved to stable or in a group cabins, then it is time to clean the calf-Expressen. This is done easily by running the "Expressen" to dung site and here partially tipped and greatly out. Wash with high pressure cleaner cut is easy when "Expressen" is tilted slightly.

Kalve-express med overdækket forgård og flytbart forværk

Frontgitter kan flyttes frem og sidegitter monteres, hvilket forøger pladsen væsentligt, når kalvene vokser! Tagpladerne er med anti-kondens-belægning som gør, at man undgår varme- og kuldeudvikling, både i ligge- og opholdsrum.

                                        Pris for 4 bokse m/alm. forværk: kr. 25.850,-   plus moms                                                                         Nyhedspris for LØBEGÅRD ved 4 bokse - tillæg i alt: kr. 6.500,-   plus moms                                              

4 rums kalve-express med overdækning.

Her monteret med høhække og drikkeskåle.

Kan også leveres med suttespande.

Et-kalverums ændres let til to-kalvs!

Kan også hurtigt, med fjernelse af skillegitter i 

løbegård, omdannes til gruppehold, uden 

nødvendigvis at flytte dyrene.

Forgården kan lukkes med aftagelig plade i begge

gavle, så træk kan undgås.

Hele arrangementet kan flyttes i en arbejdsgang,

ved hjælp af pallegaffel. Justerbare fødder

sikrer stabilitet.

kalve express 4

kalve express2_2

kalve express 3

kalve express 1

Calves village​

​​Here set of 3 Calf-Express' with 6 boxes per side.

A total of 36 single boxes.


Calves sektions:​

No. 156

For indoor use.

2, 4 or 6 boxes.
Bowls og hayrack.

  • Widht: 1,16 m.
  • Depth: 1,70 m.

Call or mails us for price!


No. 156

Can be placed everywhere.
Bowls and hayrack.

  • Boksbrede: 1.16 m.
  • Boksdybde: 1,70 m.​

Call or mails us for price!

The mobile Calfbox:​

​No. 151

Useful wagon by calf birth, disease, general relocation and temporary storage of calves.

Mounted with two calves fang and drink bowls.

Call or mails us for price!

Calf-O-Tel Comfort with forecourt:

No. 158

Box dimensions:

  • Height: 1,40 m.
  • Width: 1,20 m.
  • Lenght: 2,00 m.

Dimension forecourt:

  • Height: 1,00 m.
  • Widht: 1,20 m.
  • Lenght: 1,50 m.

Call or mails us for price!

Calf-O-Tel group hut with forecourt

​No. 159

Box dimensions:

  • Height: 1,65 m.
  • Widht: 2,25 m.
  • Lenght: 3,00 m.

Dimensions forecourt:

  • Height: 1,00 m.
  • Width: 2,25 m.
  • Lenght: 2,25 m.

Call or mails us for price!