Fully welded cattle transports with tarpaulin or hardtop

CN Agro A / S produces welded animal transports, which comes with or without hydraulics. They are fitted with traffic lights, kickstand, two-piece salon backdoor and is prepared for the tarpaulin. A cattle transport also comes with oil pressure brakes with inner cylinders hub. In all animal transports is further mounted a horizontal pipe to the tying of cattle. Furthermore, for example, it comes with non-slip rubber coating in floor of the wagon.

Cattle wagons are available in 2.00 or 2.50 meters width and with lengths from 4.00 to 12.00 meters.

Delivery of your color wishes. The standard color is red with white tarpaulin.

Many opportunities for extra equipment to your cattle transport

​A cattle transport with hydraulic eases loading and unloading of animals, while it becomes unnecessary to use chutes or ramps. The hydraulic travel is up to 45 cm., And a cattle wagon will typically be possible to get fitted options and accessories such as:

  • Partitions
  • Hydraulic kickstand
  • Sliding door in the side
  • Hinged side door front
  • Double side door rear
  • Side Ramp of aluminum
  • 30 cm. ramp-plate
  • Removable grid elements
  • Digital weight and storage box
  • Non-slip rubber coating in the bottom
  • Yoke panels and troughs that can be mounted at the front
  • Greater hydraulic migration of up to 100 cm

​Steel sheet with condensation coating

​Further, it is possible to get transport wagons which are fitted with steel sheet. There is a very robust roof, which has received a condensation coating, so it does not drip down from the roof. The roof of such an animal transport is also fixed and safely for cleaning and snow loads.

You can find information on this page, but you can also contact us about your desire to a cattle transport. You can talk to us by phone +45 97769044 or you can send an email to info@cnagro.dk with your questions and wishes, which we will respond back as soon as possible.

Transporter with hydraulic

​No. 142

Here in a lowered situation, which facilitates the loading and unloading of animals,

- as it is never necessary to apply the chute or ramp.

Hydraulic migration 0-45 cm.

Width: 2,50 m.

Lenghts: 4,00 - 12,00 m.

Possibility for having mounted extras and equipment.

  • Partitions.
  • Extra sidedoor - sliding door og ordinary.
  • 30 cm. ramp-plate.
  • Side ramp - aluminium.
  • Rubber coating in the bottom.
  • Bigger hydraulic migration, 0-100 cm.
  • Hydraulic kickstand.
  • Mounting of load cells (digital) with print unit in the tractor.

Equipment for the transporters​

Technical details

Hydraulic cattle transporter with removal grille elements.

No. 142

Total 4,80 m pr. side.​​

Catle transporter with rubber coating

Rubber coating in the bottom of the cattle transporter.

Provides an additional non-slip bottom.

Transporter, her mounted with a roof of steel sheets

Steel sheet is a durable tag with condensation coating to avoid dripping

The roof is firm and safe in terms of cleaning and snow loads.