​Bale rings

At CN AGRO A/S, we always like to be your preferred supplier of all agricultural. Therefore we have a wide variety of different bale rings, all of which are among the best on the market. One of the great benefits of using a bale ring by feeding animals, is that animals will not step around in the food and waste be reduced to a minimum

Types of bale rings

​We have several different types of bale rings. Common to them all is that they are assembled with bolts or spear, and is 2 or 3-part, with a diameter of 1.60 to 2.30 m.

To make it uncluttered, here is an overview of the different types:

  • ​Bale ring with oblique panelsBale ring with tombstone panels
  • Bale ring with solid plates in the hoops
  • Oval Bale ring
  • Bale ring with roof
  • Bale ring without panels
  • Bale ring, square with panels
  • Bale ring for calves and sheep
  • Bale ring for the zoo

Have a look further on this page to see more information about each bale ring.

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Bale ring with oblique panels

No. 77

Three-piece with three-point bracket.

15 feeding places.

Diameter 2,30 m.

Height: 1,30 m.

Bottom plate: 50 cm.

Ballering med bøjlegitter/kirkestole​

Varenr. 621

3-delt med trepunktsbeslag
12 ædepladser

Diameter: 2,10 m
Højde: 1,30 m
Kanthøjde: 0,50 m


Bale ring with solid plates in the hoops

No. 621a

12 feeding places.

Diameter: 2,30 m.

Height: 1,30 m.

Bottom plate: 50 cm.

Particularly suitable for horses and Scottish Highland cattle

Varenr. 621b

8 ædepladser, med ekstra forstærkning.

Diameter: 1,60 m

Højde: 1,30 m


Bale, oval​

No. 623

16 feeding places.

Lenght: 3,50 m.

Width : 1,90 m.

Height: 1,30 m.

Plate edge: 55 cm.


Is also avaible with closed hoops (see 621a).

Bale ring, 14 feeding places​

No. 13

14 feeding places.

Divided in two crescents, assembled with spears.

Total height: 1.40 m.

Grille spacing: 40 cm.

Plate bottom, height: 50 cm.

Diameter: 2.15 m.

Bale ring with roof

No. 628

For round bales max. dia .: 2.20 m.

6 feeding places.

Total height: 1.85 m.

Height, opening: 1.10 m.

Width, opening: 50 cm.

Made of polyethylene.

​Can be secured in the ground with spears.

Can be lifted in the top with a hook.

Is sold with and without bottom.

Bale ring without panels

No. 620

Powerful bale ring in galvanized sheet.

Consisting of three parts, assembled with bolts.

Diameter: 2.30 m.

Height: 80 cm.

Good for all animals, especially horses and horned cattle

Bale ring for calves and sheep

No. 404

Diameter: 1,60 m.

Total height: 90,5 cm.

Plate edge: 29 cm.

Panel opening: 28 cm.

Two-piece - assempled with spears.

Ballering til kalve og får​

Varenr. 400

Diameter: 1,60 m
Total højde: 90,5 cm
Kanthøjde: 29 cm
Gitteråbning: 28 cm

2-delt – samles med spyd​

Bale ring for minor animals

No. 590

Bale rings consists of two parts which are easily assembled with spears.

The bottom plate prevents waste of feed.

Diameter: 1.70 m.

Height: 90 cm.

Grille Opening: 19 cm.

Height bottom plate: 32 cm.