​Feeding containers (mobile)

CN Agro A/S leads several different types of feeding containers.


All sizes are fully welded types, which makes them particularly robust.

They are painted and fitted with laminate floor, basket and doors in gable and is available in lengths of 2-6 meters.

All RB-Feeding racks can be fitted with container inserts, which keeps the feed, and comes with undercarriage. They are available as both stationary and mobile.


Whatever type you choose, they are equally suitable outdoor and indoor, for example in loose housing barns and the like.


If you are interested in a feeding container or have any questions, please feel free to call us at

​telephone +45 9776 9044 or send an email to info@cnagro.dk 

RB-Feeding rack

with big bale.

RB 300 3 x 2 m.

Height: 2 m.


Fully welded, making the feeding rack particularly durable.

With the door in one gable.

RB-Feeding rack with container insert

​Feeding rack RB300 with container inserted.

Here filled with newly harvested green.


Handy for feeding of newly harvested grass - silage - loose feed - hay - straw etc.

The container insert keeps on the feed.

RB-Feeding rack 200 - special low model - notice height

Dimension: 2 x 2 m.

Height: 1,80 m.

withour gate.

with basket.

Fully welded with steel bottom.

Tecnical details

Detail picture of mobile feeding

Detail picture, where it is clear how container insert keeps the feed. Container insert can be removed and replaced as needed

Can also be changed in depth, since the lower 0.20 cm are separate plates. This allows for adjustment if the feed is changed or switches structure.

CN Feeding containers​

  • Practical inside and out.
  • For all kinds of loose feed.
  • As removable feeding table.
  • Capable of forming partitions.
  • The one long side can be dismounted, without use of tools.

Number of places each meter can be varied, when the grille

spacing can be produced individually by apointment.

To be agreed when ordering.

Galvanized CN feeding container with grille

No. 12

Width: 1,40 m.

Height: 1,35 m.

Lenght: 2,50 m.

Grille spacing: 30 cm.

Trough depth: 35 cm.

Tiltable roof for the feeding container

Picture is showing the roof mounted on a 3,00 m container.


CN feeding trough with square grille and telescopic legs

No. 181


Height: ajustable 60 – 75 cm.

Trough depth: 40 cm.

Width: 80 cm. (also avaiable in 90 cm)

Lenght: 3-4-5-6 m., or measure.

​Priser (bredde 80):

3,00 m. – 5 places

4,00 m. – 8 places

5,00 m. – 10 places

CN feeding containers for minor livestock

No. 420

Width: 1,00 m.

Lenght: 3,00 m.

Trough depth: 20 cm.

Height from ground to trough edge: 15 cm.

Grille spacing: 15 cm.