​Feeding racks from CN AGRO

At CN AGRO we would like to be your preferred supplier of all everything in agriculture. Therefore we have a wide variety of different feeding racks, all of which are among the best on the market.

We deliver out quality products throughout Europe (sales office is located in Denmark).

For sales abroad, delivery takes place by agreement.

Types of feeding racks

Of the following types of our feeding racks, most is galvanized and mounted with both roof, telescopic legs, tree-point suspension as well as a gate for use when filling the food and cleaning.

If you have smaller animals the Medes can be removed so the bottom is lowered to a lower feeding height. There are also smaller models, made directly to smaller animals.

​Here you can create an overview of our selection of different feeding racks:

  • With oblique panel
  • With safety fences
  • With hoop panels
  • With closed panels
  • With upright panel
  • Feeding rack VIP
  • Bale rings
  • Feeding racks for minor livestock
  • Through with hayrack
  • E-containers
  • RB-Feeding racks
  • Complete food feeding racks
  • RB-feeding rack with container inserts
  • Mobile feeding racks
  • Special feeding racks

This is just a selection of our different types of feeding racks.

Within each category there are a variety of models to suit different needs.

​Contact us for more information

For more information about our feeding racks, or to get a great offer, please call tel.: +45 97 76 90 44. You are also always welcome to write an email to info@cnagro.dk and tell us about ideas and needs.


Feeding rack with oblique panel

No. 540

Capacity for 12 animals.


Lenght: 2,00 meter.

Width: 2,00 meter.

Feeding rack with safety fenches

No. 541

  • 12 safety fenches.
  • Cover - filling and cleaning.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 meter.

  • 14 safety fenches.
  • Cover - filing and cleaning.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,80 meter.

Feeding rack with hoop panels

No. 542

  • 12 safety fenches
  • Cover - filling and cleaning.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 m.

  • 14 safety fenches.
  • Cover - filling and cleaning.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,80 meter.

Feeding rack with closed panels

No. 542A

Very suitable for horses, but can of course be used for other animals. Ensures that the horses do not get their legs in the grilles!

  • Capacity for 12 animals. (see picture)

  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 m.

Can be delivered with protective edge around the roof panels, as well as the three-point linkage.        


Also available with capacity for 14 animals (not pictured):

Width: 2.00 m. Length: 2.80 m.  

Feeding rack with upright panel

No. 551

  • Capacity for 12 animals.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 m.
  • Protected edge at the three-point bracket
  • Protected edge at eaves.
  • The horizontal bar in the middle of the gable will be removed after relocation. This will strengthen the feeding rack by transport.

Feeding racks type RB​

All sizes are welded types, painted, mounted with laminate floor, basket and door in one gable. Are available in lenghts 2-6 meters.

All RB-Feeding racks can be mounted with container inserted and is delivered with undercarriage. (see also feed containers). They are available as both stationary and mobile

RB-Feeding rack

With big bale.

RB 300 3 x 2 m.

Height: 2 m.


Fully welded, making the feeding rack particularly durable.

With the door in one gable​.

RB-Feeding rack with container insert

Feeding rack RB300 with container inserted.

Here filled with newly harvested green.


Handy for feeding of newly harvested grass - silage - loose feed - hay - straw etc.

The container insert keeps on the feed.​

RB-Feeding rack 200 - special low model - notice height

Dimension: 2 x 2 m.

Height: 1,80 m.

withour gate.

with basket.

Fully welded with steel bottom. 

Tecnical details

Detail picture of mobile feeding

Detail picture, where it is clear how container insert keeps the feed. Container insert can be removed and replaced as needed


Can also be changed in depth, since the lower 0.20 cm are separate plates. This allows for adjustment if the feed is changed or switches structure.

Feeding rack with square grille - F300

No. 81


  • Extra strong modells.
  • Space for 14 animals.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 3,00m.
  • Can be used both for cattle and horses, but is also suitable for other livestock.

Feeding rack with hanger grille - F300 m

No. 82


  • Extra strong modells.
  • Space for 12 animals.
  • Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 3,00 m.
  • Suitable for all livestock. Very usable for cattle with big horns.

Feeding rack with hanger-yoke panel

No. 139

Suitable for all animals, but especially horned cattle (For example. Scottish Highland cattle.)​


Galvanized - has 3-point support suspension - Telescopic legs.

F200: 2.00 x 2.00 m. With 4 hanger catch - 75 cm / animal.


F300: 2.00 x 3.00 m. W / 6 hanging rail - 75 cm / animal

Normal hoop panels/thombstone panels in the gables.

På dette billede er den vandrette bøjle mod jorden fjernet for at gøre hækken lavere. Det kan gøres nemt ved alle typer foderhække, der "står" på denne bølje.​

Feeding rack for minor livestock

No. 420

Width: 1,00 m.

Lenght: 3,00 m.

Trough depth: 20 cm.

Height from ground to trough edge: 15 cm.

Gitterafstand: 15 cm


​Roof construction

Feeding rack VIP

​​No. 552

  • About. 2,00 x 1,80 m
  • Height adjustment of the legs
  • The mobile basket follows inwards the amount of feed.
  • Suitable where we want to avoid vertical grilles at the top.
  • Suitable for minor animals, Scottish higland cattle and horses.

Trough with hay rack, 2,50 m

No. 15

Lenght: 2,50 m
Width: 0,80 m
Total height: 1,30 m.

Trough with hay rack, 1,50 m

No. 15A

​​Lenght: 1,50 m.

Width: 0,80 m.

Total height: 1,30 m.

​Høkasse i galvaniseret stål​

Varenr. 429​

Med ​metalgitter som holder høet nede og følger høet nedad.

​Velegnet til heste.

  • Længde: 90 cm
  • Højde: 50 cm
  • Dybde: 50 cm