Small hay racks

​CN Agro A/S produces/distributes several small hay racks, in a variety of lengths, heights and widths. They are available as free standing hay racks and to mount in for example our Calf Houses and Huts, in a Horses House or a pig hut.


Some of the hay racks can be bolted to the wall, while others may be mounted on the grid.

We also have a hay rack to be installed in a corner, as well as free-standing with a trough mounted on the hay rack.

One of the benefits of using a hayrack is that the hay/feed is kept above ground and the animals therefore does not step in it - this minimizes waste and ensures the animals dry feed/hay.

We have regularly supplied hay racks and trough for animals in their various zoos.

You will find the individual hay racks we produce/leads and their specifications, further down on this page.


Contact us for more information

For more information on our small hay racks please contact us on telephone +45 9776 9044.

You are always welcome to write to us at mail:​​


Varenr. 423

Monteres i et hjørne af boksen.

Dybde: 44 cm

Længde: 80 cm

Bredde: 46 cm

Med skrue-bundprop og spildkant.

Fåes både med og uden metalgitter som holder høet nede.


Hay rack for wall – must be bolted

No. 407

Strong modell.

Lenght: 100 cm.

Height: 64 cm.

Top dimensions: 43 cm.

Bottom dimension: 23 cm.

Grille spacing: about. 6 cm.


​Her ses høhækken, monteret i forbindelse med skillegitter (varenr. 127) og vandkop. Gitterafstand ca.: 5,5 cm.​

Hay rack for grille – basket modell

No. 702

Height: 50 cm.

Width: 50 cm.

Lenght: 62 cm. or 85 cm.

Høhæk til gitter – kurvemodel - NY!​

Varenr. 702

Højde: 48 cm

Bredde: 51 cm
Længde: 62,5 cm

Gitterafstand: 4,0 cm

Højde: 50 cm

Bredde: 49 cm
Længde: 34 cm

Gitterafstand: 3,2 cm


Trough with hay rack / LY-rack

No. 15

Lenght: 2,50 m.

Width: 0,80 m.

Total height: 1,30 m

No. 15A

Lenght: 1,50 m.

Width: 0,80 m.

Total height: 1,30 m.

Hay rack for wall – must be bolted

No. 424

Height: 47 cm.

Width: 42 cm.

Depth: 15 cm.

Weight: 1,87 kg.

Galvanized hay rack for corner

No. 703

80 cm. x 50 cm.

Grille spacing: 9,5 cm.

Weight: 3,9 kg.

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