​Calves must have a supplementary feed and therefore a Calf feeder indispensable to increase calves' growth and well-being. A Calf feeder is purchased exclusively to feed the calves with the light feed - while ensuring that the cows are not "stealing" from the calves.

On this page you will find the different Calf feeders that CN Agro A/S leads and manufactures. You will find, among other model "LG", which among other things has a fully welded/galvanized feeding box. You'll also find the model "BIG", which comes in two different heights, as well as model "P" with has variable entrance at the corners and model "CN" which is fully galvanized.
In addition, you will find a universal Calf feeder grille as well as a calf passage panel which may be used in conjunction with a normal dividing grid in a house or barn.

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Kalveskjul – model P​

No. 150

- Galvanized calf feeder.

- Variable entry in the corners.

- ​The grille will be turned up on over the box during transport.

  • ​Volume: 950 l.
  • ​Length with box: 2.50 m.
  • ​Lenght exercise area: 2.00 m. X 2.00 m.
  • ​Box Height: 1.55 m.
  • ​Grille Height: 1.25 m.

​Kalveskjul - montering med portstrimler​

Varenr. 150 A

Portstrimler for beskyttelse mod fugle.

Portstrimler plus skinne m/skruer.

Komplet, monteret på skinne.​

Calf feeder – model BIG

​No. 521B

Dimensions and details (picture):

  • ​Length: 3.00 m.
  • ​Width: 1.40 m.
  • ​Height feed box: 1.35 m.
  • ​Exercise area: 2 x 3 m.
  • ​Contents: 1500 l.

​The box also comes with lower height and a content of 1000 l.

​Calf passage panel

​No. 121

Can be established in the grille of the type LV5 of 2-7 m. Length.

(No. 120)