CN Agro A/S leads several types of water troughs in plastic and steel, for many different purposes and applications. The troughs in steel, are often made in our own repair shop and can therefore be varied according to customer requirements.

​We lead models from among other Paxton, La Buvette and Polybac.

Several models are available with or without floater and all plastic troughs are made of a rugged and stable material. Part of these troughs may be used both as a water troughs and the feed trough (however, not simultaneously).

​Look at this page to see all the different water troughs in plastic and steel that we are leading.

If you have questions you are always welcome to call us on telephone +45 9776 9044 or send an email to info@cnagro.dk

​Water trough 650, 1.000 or 1.500 liter

​No. 530


Oval, incl. swimmer.

​Strong and stable quality in polyethylene.

​Stable for both summer heat and winter cold.

​3-year breakage warranty.

​Paxton water trough AT 24

No. 441

227 l. incl. floater.

  • Lenght: 1,40 m.
  • Height: 0,50 m.
  • Width: 0,56 m.
  • 3-year breakage warranty.

La Buvette Prebac 90​

​No. 461

90 liter

  • Lenght: 160 cm.
  • Width: 49 cm.
  • Height: 20 cm.

Paxton water trough

No. WT75 and WT120

With removable floater and box.

3-yeat breakage warranty.

​Model WT 75-R:

75 liter.

  • Lenght: 1,19 m.
  • Width: 0,43 m.
  • Height: 0,34 m.
  • Drinking height 0,23 m.

Model WT 120-R:

​120 liter.

  • Lenght: 1,19 m.
  • Width: 0,43 m.
  • Height: 0,45 m.
  • Drinking height 0,35 m.

​Polybac Water trough with floater​

​No. 531A

For wall or grille.

​3-year breakage warranty.

​Capacity 25 liter.



​Dobble drinking trough.

​Capacity 72 liter



​Double trough can be placed, so to drink from several sides.

Polybac trough with floater and tilting function

​No. 531B

For wall and grille.

​3-year breakage warranty.

​Capacity 30 liter

Incl. hangers for suspension

​Capacity 75 liter

Incl. hangers for supension

Drinking trough with floater

No. OK1650

The floater gives up to 40 liters / min.

​Connection 1/2 "BSP.

​Mounted with clean and drain plug at the bottom to empty the trough of 10 seconds.

​The stand is made of 3 mm galvanized steel for mounting on the floor.

Plastic feeding- and drinking bucket

​No. OK26

20 liter.

​For horses, cows, sheep and goats. With comfortable handle ·

​Weight 1.7 kg. Made of polypropylene.

​Very suitable for water and feed.

​The flat side is resting against the leg, which facilitates the transport.

Drinking bowls in plastic or steel​

Rings designed for mounting in the grille.

Ring with bottom

Ring without bottom

Plastic bowl 5 liter

Stainless bowl 4 liter

​Skålholder m. adskillelse​

Varenr. 116

Forværk med skillerum og rustfrie skåle.

Passer til 6 og 8 liters skåle.

Yderst velegnet til Kalvehytte II og Kalvehuse III.

2,50 m - 6 skåle (4 l)

Skåle til Kalvehytte II

(2 x -. 6 skåle (4 l)) 

3,00 m - 8 skåle (4 l)​​