Dividing grids

It requires a strong stable equipment to keep cattle away from each other, as they often want to break with each other and with inventory. Several of our dividing grids have variable length, which makes it easy to customize the grid everywhere.

​For this purpose, dividing grids from the CN Agro A/S is ideal. We lead several different grids with different lengths, pipe distances and different pipe sizes, depending on what the need is.

​On this page you can see the different types of grids we are leading.

If you have questions or special requests, please contact us on telephone +45 9776 9044, or send an email to info@cnagro.dk.

Dividing Grid - Type CV 5-rails - Ø42​

No. 119

​Pipe dimension: Ø42.

5 rails - availble lengths:

2,00 - 3,00 m.

3,00 - 4,00 m.

4,00 - 5,00 m.

5,00 - 6,00 m.