CN Agro A/S leads several handling boxes, calving boxes and sickness boxes.

We have for example a galvanized CN Handling box, which, like our other boxes, suits different grids, that we also lead. We also lead a handling box with distribution section, called a "kiosk".

​Our calving- and sick boxes, can be used both indoors and outside, as needed, and can be installed indoors and out in minutes.

​Last but not least, we have a Catch box particularly suited for Scottish Highland cattle, as there is plenty of room for large horns.

​Look further on this page to see all the different handling-/calving/sickness -boxes that we are leading.

​If you have questions you are always welcome to call us on telephone +45 9776 9044, send an e-mail to info@cnagro.dk or come and visit us.

You can also send a sketch, if you have any wishes and needs of boxes and pens.​

CN handling box

No. 36


Suitable for E and P gilles.

Lenght: box inside.: 195 cm. total: 208 cm:

Height: box inside.: 190 cm. total: 195 cm.

Width: box inside: 69 cm. total: 90 cm.​

Handling box with distribution section

No. 36 and 37

The Handling box is here associated with distribution section.​

Handling box with E-gilles

No. 41 and 45

​Handling box here assembled with E-grilles, No. 45.

Calving box, sickness box etc.

No. 45 and 47

​Outdoor and indoor as needed.

​Quickly to move and set up.

​3 grilles No. 45 and 1 piece. No. 47. (high door)

​3 pcs. grilles (No.45) of 3,05 m.

​1 pcs. grilles (No. 47) of 3,05 m. with gate 

Handling box , Scottish Higland Cattle

No. 61

​- With extra width at the top.

Suitable in connection with the handling system.

  • Weight: 400 kg.
  • Total lenght: 2,70 m.
  • Width at the top: 1,30 m.
  • Height: 1,83 m.
  • Treatment gates: both sides​