Here from CN AGRO we are proud to have some of the absolute best products for agriculture.

Therefore, we distribute a number of different types of handling systems which makes work easier for you.

All our products are made of the best materials and we are happy to deliver them throughout Europe (sales office is located in Denmark). For sales abroad, delivery takes place by agreement.

​Our selection of handling systems

​We have a variety of types and models of handling systems. To make it easier for you to choose which one fits your needs, we have here set them up with some short information:

  • ​Mobile handling system – type CN - As the name implies, this type of light and mobile on wheels, and it comes with a catch box with doors and grilles and removable tractor pulling. It is easy to work with and among other things it can be mounted behind an SUV.
  • Handling systems with E-grilles - This is a cheap solution of a smart and strong grid assembled with spears.
  • Handling system and handling box with E-grilles - These types are like the above with the addition handling system. Handling systems can be used for numerous purposes and are easy to set up and work with.
  • These grids are galvanized and collected and separated without tools.
  • Common to all our good catch folds is that they all consist of a number of different types of grilles, each of which has its advantages, depending on what animals you keep. It should be mentioned that they are very good for horse pens and "round pin". Different heights and lengths, and with free choice of doors.

​Order your new quality handling system

​To order the handling systems or for more information please contact us on tel .: +45 97 76 90 44.

​You can always write to us at info@cnagro.dk, and we will happily give you more information about our quality products.

Mobile handling system - type CN

No. 132

Handling box with doors and grilles, as well as 2 x 9 m. collapsible arms.

Transportation collapsed.

The box has handling gate in front and plain door behind.

Removable tractor pulling.

Available with ball clutch and wheels.

Can be transported by a SUV

​Removable tractor pulling

​Coupling and wheels

​Collapsed, ready for transport around the fold, etc.

​Instructions for assembly CN Mobile Catch Fold:​

  1. Tilt the front end of the handling system down approximately 20 cm.
  2. Pull the rear support legs to the ground.
  3. Tilt the handling system back in horizontal position.
  4. Pull supporting legs in the front end so that the fold is stable, and the wheels are lifted off the ground.
  5. Remove the drawbar.
  6. Unfold wings (one side at a time). See section 7-9.
  7. When the first part of the wing are unfolded, the kickstand shall be lowered.
  8. Second part of the wing folds out, and the next kickstand is lowered.
  9. Then the final wing folds out, and the last kickstand is lowered.
  10. The other side is unfolded in the same way.

Handling system, with E-grilles​

No 45

​Used for numerous purposes, assembled with spears.

​Grille height: 150 cm.

​Grille spacing: 28 cm.​

At the picture: ​6 pieces. of 3 m .+ frame No. 49.

Handling system and handling box with E-gilles

No. 36

​Used for numerous purpuses, assembled with spears.

​Grille height: 150 cm.

​Grille spacing: 28 cm.​

​At the picture: 8 pieces of.3 m - 1 piece with gate No. 47.