​Round Pen, primarily for horses.

At CN Agro A/S we leads various grids, some of them are excellent for building a Round Pen.

​A Horse Round Pen is a good solution when the horse must be trained, both with and without longe, and also helps to establish trust between horse and trainer. It can of course also be used for training and fencing, of other livestock. The grids are lightweight (48 kg/pr. Pcs.) and can be easily set up and taken down by one person, in a very short time. It is easily transported on a trailer or the like - as a stack.

​If you have questions you are always welcome to call us on telephone +45 9776 9044, send an e-mail to info@cnagro.dk or come and visit us.​

Round Pen​

Built of Item No. 672 and No. 673

​Diameter: 10 m. built up of:

​10. pc. No. 672 - L: 3,05 m., H: 1.60 m.

​1 pc. No. 673 m / door. - L: 3.05 m. H: 1.60 / 2.20 m.