Yoke panels are relevant to all barn types, and as the animals are captured easily and efficiently without stress, it will automatically provide more peace in the stable. Yoke panels are also ideal for capturing animals, also for use outdoors and in groups, to control, veterinarian or inseminator.

​CN Agro A/S has several different types of yoke panels for all types of cattle, and we are pretty sure that we also have the yoke panel that suits your needs.

​Our yoke panels are produced in a strong quality and extremely well. We have both yoke panels with variable neck, with safety panels and yoke panels especially suited for Scottish Highland cattle and other smaller breeds.

​For more information about our yoke panels, look ahead on this page, and contact us at telephone +45 9776 9044 or e-mail info@cnagro.dk - you are always welcome to come and visit us!

Yoke panel

No. 73​

​For all housing systems it may be appropriate to use yoke panels.

When the animals get caught easily and efficiently without stress, it will automatically provide more peace in the stable.

The yoke panel is also ideal for capturing animals to include control, veterinarian or inseminator.

Lenght from 2 - 6 m.

​Variable neck opening.

Well functioning, strong grilles.

Yoke panel​ - variable neck opening

No. 73

​Lenght from 2 - 6 m.

Variable neck opening.

Well funchioning, strong grilles.


Length                        Animal age                                 Number      

                                                                                            of yokes

3,00 m.                       Adults                                               4

3,00 m.                       15 - 30 mdr.                                     5

4,00 m.                       Adults                                               5

4,00 m.                       15 - 30 mdr.                                     6

4,00 m.                        5 - 6 mdr.                                        7

4,00 m.                        4 - 12 mdr.                                      8

​Safety-yoke panels

No. 73A

Position I:

​As feed barrier without trapping.

​Can be set to trapping.

Position II:

Locked in the vertical position.

​The animals are trapped!

Position III:

Animals loosened.

​This position helps minor animals and animals

​that are adapted, also to get loosened!

​The animals loosened in position I.

​The animals chooses themselves.


Length                          Animal age                 Number of


3,00 m.​                         Adults                             4

3,50 m.                         Adults                             5

4,00 m.                         Adults                             5

4,00 m.                         15 - 30 Months             6

4,50                               Adults                            6

4,50                               15 - 30 Months             7

​Safety-yoke panel for calves

No. 73A

​Lenght from 2 – 6 m.

Variable nick opening.

40 – 50 cm per animal.

Hanger-yoke panel for Scottish Highland Cattle​

No. 60

Closure over the neck.

​The sovereign yoke panel for Scottish Highland cattle.

​- No overhead framework that can disturb the animals.

​- Delivered primarily with 2 or 3 yokes in each subject.

​- 0.75 m space per animal.

​- Neck opening: 20 cm.

BF1                    1 yoke/1,20 m.

BF2                    2 yokes/2,00 m. (75 cm. pr. animal)

BF3                    3 yokes/3,00 m. (75 cm. pr. animal)

BF4                    4 yokes/4,00 m. (100 cm. pr. animal)

Portable capture model - Scottish highland cattle

No. 59

​With yoke panel and tiltable trough.

​​Stepping plate - so the animals' weight keeps the arrangement in place.

​- Galvanised. Standard length about 3 m.

​- Possibility to regulate the height of the grid after the cattle.

​3 yokes - 75 cm. per. animal

​4 yokes - 100 cm. per. animal