For everything from breeding of calves to garages​

​The huts will be ready-made from the workshop, so that they just must be assembled at the delivery place.

This by help of a truck crane and will take only af few hours for each hut.

When unloading and assembling is done, the hut is ready for using.


​The huts are useful for breeding or keeping of calves, horses, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese and chickens.

They can also be used as playhouse, storage hut and everything from cars and tractors to bikes and garden equipment as to farms shops.


​The iron construction is made of galvanized steel.

This lining consists of water-resistant film-coated 12 mm plywood.

Roofing sheets with anti-condensation coating.

Windbreak nets.


​The huts can be delivered with different accessories. For example​ fences, feeders, between the grid and hayrack. The parts can be found under their respective product areas. The huts are available with wheel sets and draw or lift device on the roof.

Delivery and installation

​The huts will be delivered and installed by use of a larger truck with a crane. Therefore it has to be a fixed carriage road with free passage to the chosen installation / unloading place.

Fittings: Ground spike, for attaching the huts available on request.

We can also deliver expansion bolts, which is used if the hut is to be placed on concrete.

Security in connection with attachment of the hut is on the buyers responsibility.

​Delivery charges on all types of houses and cottages

Contact us today by phone +45 9776 9044 or email us on info@cnagro.dk and let us have and talk about special wishes and prices.

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