​Calf house III - Big Country

Huts for calves, horses, pigs and other livestock​​

​CN Agro A/S leads calf huts and houses and huts for other livestock, horses and pigs. The houses and huts can be used for everything just from breeding calves to garages. We have also a mini house and a calves kitchen. Our calves huts can also be delivered with feeding grilles, feeding troughs, dividing-grilles and hayrack.

Flexible calves huts, easy to move and clean

Some of our calves huts have af windnet in the gable, which gives frech air without giving drafts.

This does, that the calves thrive outdoors, but also that diseases will decrease.

At the same time our calves huts are extremely flexible because several of them are mobile and at the same time easy to clean. Single calf huts are often with environment-bottom.

​We have different sizes of calves huts for groups

We have more different sizes of calves huts, where the type I is mobile and ideal for 4-5 young calves.​

The type II is also mobile, but are to 10-12 calves. They can be delivered with extra height. A calf-kitchen can as well be attached to one of the group huts, which can store milk in the fridge and milk powder, bowls, buckets etc.

A calf-kitchen can as well be attached to one of the group huts, which can store milk in the fridge and milk powder, bowls, buckets etc.

Calf huts type II are firmly mounted and are calculated for larger groups of calves, heifers or cows. Type III is called Big Country-house, and they are often delivered with feeding grille across the all width of the gable.

​Every firmly mounted calves huts can easily be jmoved with a wheelset or a lifting yoke. We can deliver these lifting yokes or wheelset with a row, and it can easily and quickly be mounted without tools.


You can read more about calf huts and our different types and models on the site and via the left menu, but you can also call us at telephone +45 9772 9044. Furthermore, it is possible to send an e-mail to info@cnagro.dk 

All prices excl. VAT​

​Big Country house

No. 167

The ideal house for larger groups of calves.

The house is often delivered with eating grill throughout the gables width.


Further practical and tecnical details about the hut, look at the bottom of this side​​


  • Iron construction with galvanized iron.
  • Wateproof film-coated 12 mm plywoodsheets
  • Proof with iron plates and anti-condensation coating.
  • Windbraknet on the gable and on both sides.
  • Prepared for wheeleset.

External dimentions, hut:

  • With: 7,30 meter.
  • Length: 5,00 - 10,00 meter.
  • Height side: 2,30 meter.
  • Height kip: 3,10 meter.

NOTE: Remember, we also have plastic curtain - "Curtains in strips", for gateways, Click here to see more...​

​Countryhouse - Maxi - Special​​​

No. 164c

  • Lenght: 14,00 m.
  • Width : 5,25 or 7,30 m.

Pictured: 2 Country Houses (no. 164) á 5.25 x 6.00 m, with the roof extended 1 meter by gable opening. This provides a practical

2.00 m. wide feed passage across the house.

Shutters can be mounted.

The practical / tecnical about the houses


The houses are generally solid set, but can be easily moved with a wheel set.

Wheel set and draw:​

A wheel set consists of a row and two wheel spindles.

To be mounted without tools.

Both quickly dismounted.

Wheel set with spindles

(wheel size 700/12,6)

Galvanized draw.

Tecnical details:

Notice roof projection which protects against driving rain and wind.

Available with heavy base and strong fences

Anti-condensation coating:

​Close-up of anti-cendensation coating.

This is a fabric-like coating, which effectively prevents moisture and drip in the houses.
​Records per. sq.m .: 1.5 liters.

Works also easily insulating against heat radiation and - cold.​