At CN Agro A/S we produces several different types of special houses- and huts.

Lots of opportunities

The houses/huts have a very versatile use and can be used as for example a garage, a storage shed or farms shop. They can also be used for storage of garden tools and the like, or as a workshop.

Material for the sides and roof can vary in quality and color choices.
The houses are also excellent to use as a chicken house, by ducks and for goose farming, goats, rabbit house/hall, and other hobby animals.

As a starting point, the houses/huts are firmly mounted, but they can easily be moved using either a wheelset or a lifting yoke. We can provide these lifting yokes or wheelset, and this is easily mounted without tools.

You can see the different types and models of special houses we have here on this page, but you are also welcome to call us on tel .: +45 9776 9044. Moreover, it is possible to send us an email to info@cnagro.dk​​

All prices are excl. VAT

​Mobile Country-Special

​No. 164​


Usable for all-round purposes, including garage, storage shed, farm shop and such like.

Removable using. Wheelsets and features.

Mounted with plexiglas in the top frame.

  • Length: 6.00 m.
  • Width: 5.25 m.
  • Height center: 3.10 m.
  • Height side: 2.30 m.

Look for practical and tecknical informations at the bottom of this side.

​For at se yderligere praktiske og tekniske detaljer om huset, se da nederst på denne side.

NOTE: Remember, we also have plastic curtain - "Curtains in strips", for gateways, Click here to see more...

​Universal house U3

No. 170

Mobile house that can be used for many purposes, for example, farm shop, storage, garden tools, workshop and such like.

Is also suitable for smaller livestock.​

Width:                                                                                                     4,00 m.

Lenght:                                                                                                   5,00 m.

Height side:                                                                                           2,10 m.

Height gable – kip:                                                                               3,10 m.

Hinged doors (2 pcs each 1,25 m.):                                                   2,50 m. 

House model U3

Extra charge for anti-condensate roof sheets

Hinged doors

Roller gate

Plexiglass i gable triangle, each piece.

​Look for practical and tecnical informations at the bottom of this side. 

​Country house / Hut II

No. 164

A Country house can be used in many ways,
as for example here to dairy goats.
Mounted with ordinary feeding grid (No. 115)
and brown feeding troughs (No. 90).

​​Look for practical and tecnical informations at the bottom of this side

​Country house

No. 164

Here used as sleeping cabin in daycare.

The house is insulated and used primarily as shelter from rain and wind.

Ideal as a sleeping cabin, a playground and storage.

Look for practical and tecnical informations at he bottom of this side.

Country house / Hut II

No. 164

Here the Country House is in connection with goose-rearing.


Mini house

No. 168


In the upper part of the gable (triangle – height 25 cm), leveres the hut will be deliverede with opening, windnet or plexiglass.

It gives a good light in the hut.

NOTE: Removable because of two lifting rings in the roof construction.


  • Iron construction with galvanized iron.
  • Waterproof film-coated 12 mm plywoodsheets.
  • Poof with iron plates and anti-condersation coating.
  • The upper part of the gable is provided with opening, windnet or plexiglas.

External dimentions, hut:

  • Width: 1,85 meter.
  • Lenght: 2,40 meter.
  • Right side: 1,10 meter.
  • Height kip: 1,40 m​​eter.
  • Input width: 0,80 x 1,40 m​​eter.

Tool shed

Smaller shed, which can be used anywhere.

For example. as a storage cabinet at the home, for garden tools, bicycles, toys, furniture, etc.



  • Length: 2.60 m.
  • Width: 1.90 m.
  • Height side: 2.00 m.
  • Height center: 2.25 m.
  • Door width: 1.00 m.

Galvanized iron frame.

The roof and sides covered with corrugated panels.

Anti-condensation coating on the roofing sheets.

Door handles with lock.

Smaller light over the door (not pictured).

Delivery by appointment.



The practical and tecnical informations about the houses/huts


The huts are basically solid set, but can easily be moved with either a wheelset or af lifting yoke.​

This gives a saving of labor and makes it easy to move huts to for example the washing place or when moving to a new area.


​Slingbar for a house/hut 4,00 / 5,00 m.

Slingbar for a house/hut 6,00 / 7,00 m.

Wheelset and row:​

A Wheelset consisting of: draw and 2 wheels with spindles.

Mounted without any tools.

Both dismounted fast

Wheelset with spindles (size 700/12,6)​

​Galvanized row

Tecnical details:

Note the roof projection which protects very well against driving rain and wind. 

Anti-condensation coating:

Close-up of anti-condensation coating.

This is a fabric-like coating that effectively prevents moisture and drip in the houses.

Records per. sq.m .: 1.5 liters.

Works also easily insulating against heat radiation and - cold.