Other products

On this page you will find various other products that CN Agro A/S leads.

​See among other our popular plastic curtain/door strips, which we call "Curtain in strips" that are made of very strong PVC plastic, and reduces drafts and cold case. Suitable for vehicular in buildings and at entrances and exits, where animals and people move frequently.

​On this page you will also find our transport trolley and garden barrows, a wheelbarrow with tipping system, a medicine cabinet, a modular footbath for your cattle, TexWay Ground Condolidation, wind breaking nets that provide fresh air in the houses/huts without the animals getting draft, as well as several other things.

​Do you have questions about any of our products or want to order them, you are always welcome to call us on telephone +45 9776 9044, send us an e-mail to info@cnagro.dk or come visit us.

Also ask for things you do not see, maybe we have it in stock.​

All prices excl. VAT.


​​Fåes i forskellige størrelser og farver. Standarden er metallakeret jernramme med plankebord af bøg.

Der kan tilvælges:

  • ​Kørehjul og håndtagsbøjle
  • ​Redskabshylde under m/u bagplade
  • ​Hulplade til væg - til mindre værktøj o.l.
  • ​Skuffer, - kan anbringes overalt​

​​​Vejledende pris:

1,5 m

kr. 2.200,-

2,0 m

kr. 2.500,-

3,0 m

kr. 3.200,-


kr. 800,- pr. stk


kr. 600,-

​Kan sendes eller afhentes.

Fragt skal påregnes ved forsendelse.​


Det solcelle-drevne anlæg fra CN Agro kan:​

​• Pro​ducere strøm til at pumpe vand.

•​ Forsyne hegnsanlæg med spænding.

•​ Via en monteret "hegnsvagt", gøre det let

at holde øje med anlægget på lang afstand.

​Anlægget egner sig især til de arealer, hvor der ikke er strøm. Det kan hente vand fra 2 meters dybde, men nogle kunder har valgt at placere pumpen længere nede i brønden, så pumpedybden bliver større.

Ring eller mail for pris​

Plastic curtain – "Curtain in strips"

No. 96

​Quality: Heavy plastic tape (PVC-tape) in 3mm. thickness.

​- makes the way through and driving in the gates and stables easier and reduces drafts and cold case.

​- 50 m per. roll

​- Width: 30 cm.

​- Available in smaller lengths on goal.

​Per meter gateway, used four "strips", as there must be some overlap.

​​Price per roll of 50 m: 2.990,- DKK

Price per m. to measure: 72,- DKK

Rail for mounting the plastic curtain.

Price: per. rail of 1 m.: 250,- DKK

Specialvogn til springudstyr m.v. NYHED!!​

Varenr.​ 582

Mål laves efter kundens ønske og behov.

Vognen på billedet er 3,10 x 1,70 m

Anvendes til springudstyr, og kan bygges op med stativ.​


Varenr. 581​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Til minibig og bigballer.

Gør arbejdet i stalden meget lettere...
Særdeles velegnet til halmballer!

Bredde: 90 cm
Længde: 240 cm
Højde: 50 cm

(eller efter mål)

Pris : kr. 5.800,-

4 Wheel trolley

No. 580

​With tow bar, turnable wheel and loose end gables.

Tow bar is replaceable with draw bar for the ATW/garden tractor.

Load capacity max. 800 kg.

Lenght: 2,40 m.

Width: 0,95 m.

Height: 0,50 m.


​Trolley (without gable): 3.990,- DKK

​Gable per pcs..: 250,- DKK

​Tow bar for garden tractor: 195,- DKK

Platform Trolley

No. 800

​Strong and practical platform trolley for transport of piglets and young calves, etc.

​Total height (floor to handle): 90 cm.

​Height of side panels: 40 cm.

Lenght: 120 cm.

​Width: 80 cm.

​Load capacity: 500 kg.

Wheel type: 200 mm X 50 mm. solid rubber. – 2 fixed/2 turnable

25 mm. steelpipes.

Price 2.950,- DKK

Transport Trolley

No. 801

​Strong and practical trolley for transport of piglets and young calves, etc.

​Total height (floor to handle): 100 cm.

​Height of side panels: 50 cm.

​Lenght: 100 cm.

​Width: 70 cm.

Load capacity: 500 kg.

​Wheel type: 200 mm X 50 mm. solid rubber. – 2 fixed/2 turnable

​25 mm. steelpipes.

Price 2.750,- DKK

Barrow with tipping system

No. 504

​Perfect barrow for mucking out.

The frame is galvanized.

Inflatable rubber wheels.

Universal for all gardening,

Easy to handle - even for small horsegirls.

Avaible in 3 sizes:

​350 l – L: 183 cm W: 84 cm H: 94 cm.

450 l – L: 200 cm W: 99 cm H: 94 cm.

650 l – L: 223 cm W: 99 cm H: 100 cm.


​350 l.: 2.990,- DKK

450 l.: 3.490,- DKK

​650 l.: 3.990,- DKK

Garden barrow / Tipping barrow

No. 514

​Practical barrow. Good in many situations.

Can be harnessed after ATW, garden tractor etc.

450 liter:

​Total lenght: 1,80 m.

Width: 0,97 m.

Height: 0,85 m.

Note: The locking pins will loosen, before tipping.

Price: 2.950,- DKK

350 liter:

Total lenght: 1,65 m.
Width: 0,82 m.
Height: 0,75 m.
Price: 1.950,- DKK

Note: Different barrows og tow bars.​​

​Medicine cabinet

No. 560

​2 shelves

- Double walls provides greater durability.

​- Contains medicine for 40-50 animals.

​- Board for notes (in the door).

- Holders for needles and small packs (in the door).

​Width: 60 cm.

Depth: 52 cm.

Height 80 cm.

Price 2.290,- DKK

Board for notes

No. 561

​- Built-in cabinet.

- Board for notes.

- Suspension calendar.

- Clips for hanging various papers.

​Width: 58 cm.

Depth: 15 cm.

Height 63 cm.

Price 1.690,- DKK


​Modular Footbaths

No. 97


Every module have following external dimentions:

L: 1,25 m. W: 0,80 m. D: 0,16 m.

Made of very strong polyethylen.

Also suitable for smaller animals, since the length can be varied.

Price 1.100,- DKK per module.

TexWay Ground Consolidation

No. 93

​- Withstands high pressure tractor driving and such like.

​- None-slip, transverse grooves, cleaning by hosing.

​- Reduces the risk of infection to the animals' hooves

Supplied in rolls:

​of 30 sqm. = 12.5 long x 2.4 wide.

​of 15 sqm. = 6.25 long x 2.4 wide.

​Can be cut to half width, which gives a width of 1.20 m., Which is ideal for narrow passages and doors.

There used U-spear for fixing in the ground.

The spears are also used if the width to be increased.​


15 m²: 2.950,- DKK
30 m²: 5.550,- DKK
U-spear: 10,- DKK

​VINK Cow brush

No. 95

​With specialbrushes with strongly designed spring suspension, replaceable brushes.

Indispensable in dairy herds and beef cattle herds.

​Complete: Price 780,- DKK

​Brush pcs.: Price 175,- DKK

​Spring pcs.: Price 225,- DKK

​Three-point linkage

Varenr. 648

​With welded tow hitch.

CN Lifting fork

Varenr. 649

​Transportation of catch fold elements:

Easy to install ​rear ​tractor by​ help ​of​ three-point linkage.

Make it easy to​ transport your ​catch​fold​ items to​ where​ they are needed.

​The forks ​are​ suitable for up to​15 ​bars

Price: 4.500,-​​ DKK

​Windbreaking net - green or black

No. 428

​Windbreaking net !

Fresh air without drafts !

​- 15 % air passage.

- Measure by wish.

- Mesh size.: 5,2 x 5,2 per cm

​- Thickness: 0,6 mm

Air renewal in the stable, the hut etc.

Can easily be mounted in windows and gates, on frames and such like.

Price per m²: 60,- DKK

Pushing plate​

No. OK1

​Made of polypropylen.

920 x 800 mm.

Smooth surface.

Weight 3,8 kg.

​Price 172,- DKK

XXL Pushing plate

No. OK127

​800 x 1150 mm

​Weight: 5,2 kg.

Price 289,- DKK

Plastic feeding bucket

No. OK24

​Ergonomic feeding bucket with liter indication for accurate weighing.

Made of polypropylen. Central placed handle.

Lift correctly to avoid overloading the wrist

Price 42,- DKK

​Lickstone block holder

No. OK25

​For 10 kg lickstone.

​Made of polypropylen.

Used typically for animals in groups.

The design exhange the life of the stone, as the stone is raised so that water and so can drain away.

Weight 0,5 kg.

Price 25,- DKK

Basket fork

No. 503

​Width: 42 cm.

Easy to use to muck out in shavings.

Strong quality.

Very durable plastic.

​By purchasing 3 tools, 100,- DKK is deducted in discount

Price 150,- DKK


No. 502

​Width: 80 cm.

Strong quality.

Very durable plastic.​

By purchasing 3 tools, 100,- DKK is deducted in discount.

Price 125,- DKK


No. 500A

​Width: 37 cm.

Good and strong quality.


Very durable plastic.

​​By purchasing 3 tools, 100,- DKK is deducted in discount.​​

Price 195,- DKK

Grain and snow shovel

No. 500

With short shaft and handle.

The blade is 37 cm. wide og made of synthetic material.

By purchasing 3 tools. 100,- DKK is deducted in discount.

Price 135,- DKK

​Silage scraper

No. 501

​Width: 66 cm.

Good and strong quality.

Very durable plastic.


Indispensable i livestock.

Exellent for snow.

By purchasing 3 tools. 100,- DKK is deducted in discount.​

Price 165,- DKK

Manure scraper

​No. 501B

​Quality as above, with a slight bevel edge on both sides.

By purchasing 3 tools. 100,- DKK is decucted in discount.

Price 165,- DKK