​Scottish highland cattle

CN Agro A/S has different products for Scottish Highland.

​We have among other, galvanized portable catching modules with the ability to regulate the height of the grid after the cattle. They are available in several lengths and number of animals per. grid. Ideal for feeding and catching in fencing.

​We also lead a Handling/Catch box, with extra width on the top, treatment-doors on both sides, as well as grid gates in front, which closes automatically.

​In addition, we have bale rings, without grid, bale rings with hoops and with closed hoops and various feeding racks, both with hoops, closed hoops or tombstone panels.

​We also lead several types of grid elements which are also ideal for Scottish Highland cattle.

Convenient when catching groups and for sorting of animals into groups.

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Portable catching module​

No. 59

The catch module is galvanized.​

​Good sheet steel.

​Option to regulate the height of the grid after the cattle.

​​Available in several lengths and number of animals per. grid.

​The feeding trough in front of the yoke panel can be tilted for easy cleaning prior to feeding.


​3 yoke - 75 cm/animal

​4 yoke - 100 cm/animal

Hanger-yoke panel for Scottish Highland Cattle​

No. 60

​Closure over the neck.

​The sovereign yoke panel for Scottish Highland cattle.

​- No overhead framework that can disturb the animals.

​- Delivered primarily with 2 or 3 yokes in each subject.

​- 0.75 m space per animal.

​- Neck opening: 20 cm.

Handling/Catch box​

No. 61


​Length of doors: 2.70 m.

​Width: 1.30 m.

Height: 1.83 m.

​​Catch box has extra wide top.

​Treatment-doors on both sides.

​The grid gates in front of closed automatically at the same time.

​Neck Adjustment 14-30 cm.

Bale ring without panels

No. 620

​Powerful bale ring in galvanized sheet.

​Consisting of three parts, assembled with bolts.

​Diameter: 2.30 m.

​Height: 80 cm.

Good for all animals, especially horses and horned cattle.​

Ballering med bøjlegitter/kirkestole​

Varenr. 621

3-delt med trepunktsbeslag
12 ædepladser

Diameter: 2,30 m
Højde: 1,30 m

Bundplade: 0,50 m

Bale ring with solid plates in the hoops

No. 621a

​12 feeding places.

Diameter: 2,30 m.

Height: 1,30 m.

Bottom plate: 50 cm.

Particularly suitable for horses and Scottish Highland cattle

Bale, oval​

No. 623

​16 feeding places.

Lenght: 3,50 m.

Width : 1,90 m.

Height: 1,30 m.

Plate edge: 55 cm.​

​Is also avaible with closed hoops (see 621a)

Feeding rack with hoop panels

No. 542

12 safety fenches

Cover - filling and cleaning.

Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 m

Sold assembled and unassembled.

14 safety fenches.

Cover - filling and cleaning.

Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,80 m.

Sold assembled and unassembled.

Feeding rack with closed panels

No. 542A

​Very suitable for horses, but can of course be used for other animals. Ensures that the horses do not get their legs in the grilles!

​​Capacity for 12 animals. (see picture)

Width: 2,00 m., Lenght: 2,00 m.

​Sold assembled and unassembled

Can be delivered with protective edge around the roof panels, as well as the three-point linkage.

​Also available with capacity for 14 animals (not pictured):

​Width: 2.00 m. Length: 2.80 m. 

Feeding rack with hanger-yoke panel

No. 139​

​Suitable for all animals, but especially horned cattle (For example. Scottish Highland cattle.)​

​Galvanized - has 3-point support suspension - Telescopic legs.

F200: 2.00 x 2.00 m. With 4 hanger catch - 75 cm / animal.

F300: 2.00 x 3.00 m. W / 6 hanging rail - 75 cm / animal

​Normal hoop panels/thombstone panels in the gables.

Feeding rack VIP

​No. 552

​About. 2,00 x 1,80 m

Height adjustment of the legs

The mobile basket follows inwards the amount of feed.

Suitable where we want to avoid vertical grilles at the top.

Suitable for minor animals, Scottish higland cattle and horses.

Handling system element with horizontal grille - low model

No. 245 and 246


​Height: 1,35 m. – Grille spacing: 20 cm.

​(applies to both lengths)

​Lenght: 2,40 m. (No. 245)

​Lenght: 3,00 m. (No. 246)

Handling system element with horizontal grille

No. 670, 672, 674

P-grille, galvanized.

​Height: 1,60 m – grille spacing: 20 cm.

​Lenght: 2,40 m.- weight: 34,5 kg. (No. 670)

​Lenght: 3,00 m. – weight: 43 kg. (No. 672)

​Lenght: 3,60 m. – weight: 52,5 kg. (No. 674)

Handling system element with horizontal grille and gate

No. 671, 673, 675


​Height with gate: 2,20 m. – Grille height: 1,60 m.

​Lenght: 2,40 m. (No. 671)

​Lenght: 3,00 m. ​(No. 673)

​Lenght: 3,60 m. ​(No. 675)

Tecnical details

Detail Image of P-grille with u-bracket and pal.

​All handling system doors assembled with U-bracket and pal.

​May well be used with grilles that are assembled to chain.