N Agro A / S have several different kinds of combi transports.

A combi wagon/transport is a combination of a feed-rack, a mobile feed container and a cattle truck.

The wagon can both be used to transport animals, feed transport, for the capture of animals and as a feeding table. By animal transport, the supplied plywood sides in both sides of the vehicle and possibly also the side plates are mounted.

All wagons have a low loading height and available in lengths of 3-6 m.

Wagon width is 2 m., With a total width incl. wheel of 2.50 m.

Combi transports are available with removable basket, chute and hydraulic lowering.​

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​Moreover, it is possible to send us an email to info@cnagro.dk or visit us!

Combi transporter with safety feed fence

No. 8

Versatile transporter whick can be used for:

- transport of animals..

- transport af fodder.

- catching of animals.

- as a feed alley.

​By animal transport there will be mounted the included plywood sides in both sides and possibly also the sideplates.

Combi transporter with hydraulic lowering, 5 mete

​No. 8

Lenght: 5,00 m. x 2,00 m. wide.

Available with or without inner basket.​

Price:​ See above… (Combi transporter with safety feed fence)

Combi transporter with hydraulic lowering, 4 mete

No. 8

Lenght: 4,00 meter.

Equipped with safety catch grilles on the sides.Can be used as calf hide in the lowered position.


Here is the transporter mounted with wood panels behind the catch grille, as used in the transport of animals.


Price:​ See above… (Combi transporter with safetey feed fence)